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I have a friend who has a Rottweiler. His name is Ruger. Ruger is not a water dog. No Sir! He is an actual amphibian (just ask him). My friend lives, with Ruger, on 12 wooded acres (with a two-acre pond full of turtles, UFOs (unidentified fish objects) and other, well, critters). While Ruger seemingly trained, daily, for the Canine Summer Olympics, my friend had to put up with the constant smell (and scratching) of her 150-lb. “no-gilled” pup.

My friend was already a consummate maker of all things natural…dish detergent, laundry detergent, cleaners, deodorant…so she refused to do what the rest of the world does and hook her dog up with a hose and a bottle of DAWN dishwashing detergent (sulfates are as terrible for dogs as they are for humans). After 2 weeks of recipe formulating, she coaxed Ruger (with homemade peanut butter treats) into the shower. She scrubbed him up one side and down the other with the concoction. With God as my witness, Ruger exited that shower like a backlit Hollywood Star, his black hair, “blue black” like he’d just been to the beauty parlor for highlights. Ruger stayed out of that water for 14 days. 14! He didn’t scratch. He didn’t lick himself; and, she knew she could wait awhile before developing an All Natural Pet Odor remedy (for the foot of her bed). Granted, on day 15, Ruger did do a back flip off the dock into the water (but we’re pretty sure it was because his human daddy was practicing fly fishing and the spinner was, well, you know, shiny).

Now we bring all of that wholesome pet body wash to you. January 1st, SavvyChic will offer CousCous Dog Shampoo for your favorite canine companion. It’s a veritable doggie vitamin and mineral, skin cocktail for your dirtiest pooch. Hypo-allergenic. Sulfate-free. pH-perfect. Available in 8 fragrances (including Unscented). Don’t let Fido’s CLAWS give you PAWS! Pre-order, today, at [email protected] Or instant message us here for more information (retail, wholesale or per pet orders welcome).

Life is Short. Hug a Dog!

Love, Coco

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