Relax and Soak in Lavender


I have learned a valuable life lesson. No matter what a day brings, there isn’t much a long, hot bubble bath won’t fix! Seriously, 20 minutes of hardcore water therapy in my fragrance of choice is all I need to jumpstart my mind and body.

Bad Day? I soak in Lavender to relax. Before a date, I go for a cupful of L.O.V.E. When I’m feeling nostalgic, I reach for Oatmeal, Milk & Honey. When I need a pick-me-up, I let my fingertips shrivel in a long soak of Lemon. I kick off Spring with the soft, heady floral of Vienna Rose Oud, and, in the summertime, I bob around in a jet tub full of Sea Salt & Rice Flower. In the Fall I’m all about Apples, during the holidays, I draw a bath of Red Cocoa; and, in the winter, I absolutely cannot live without Eucalyptus Spearmint (for cold season you know).

But a bubble bath doesn’t just have to be about relaxing (or re-energizing). SavvyChic’s Moisturizing Milk Bath formula is without equal. Our all natural Goat Milk formula will soothe even the driest skin and our vitamin- and mineral-infused oils will leave your skin feeling healthy and smooth. Indulge yourself (behind locked door) in a cascade of long lasting bubbles. 32 oz. of pure pleasure awaits. Just add water.
Choose from these fabulous fragrances: Almond Creme, Apricot Chamomile, Butt Naked, Cashmere & Silk, Country Apple, Cucumber Melon, Eucalyptus Spearmint, French Kiss, Gardenia Peach, Grapefruit (Pink), Green Tea & Aloe, L.O.V.E., Lavender Apple, Lavender Mint, Lemon Verbena, Midnight Morocco, Oatmeal, Milk & Honey, Pink Champagne, Sea Salt & Rice Flower, Vanilla Coconut, Velvet Sugar, Vermont Honey Apple, Vienna Rose Oud, White Gardenia and White Tea & Ginger.

Coming soon in A Night in Paris, Blame It On Rio, Blue Agave, Flirt, Green Tea & Apple, Lolita, Mango Coconut, Pheromone and Spanish Fly. (Email or PM to order).
Life is Short! Soak Long! (When Calgon just won’t do!)

Love, Coco

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