A Lesson on Dry Skin and How to Prevent it


It’s Holiday Beauty Lesson Time! Is there really such a thing as young, glory skin? There is. A healthy skin barrier (outer layer) may be the key to a complexion that looks and acts younger. Let’s strengthen your beauty defense system!

First a simple bio lesson: Picture your skin’s surface as a brick wall. The “bricks” are dead skin cells, and the “mortar” holding them together is a mix of fatty acids and oils. This is your skin barrier. It protects the deeper layers by keeping water inside and all sort of junk (irritants, bacterial, free radicals — the wrinkle causing molecules generated by the sun, pollution, makeup and harsh chemicals in commercial soaps and cremes). The skin barrier is so thin – I’m talking millionths of a meter — but it does so much to keep your skin functioning properly. Now imagine that wall starting to crack and crumble. Your skin no longer holds on to moisture or blocks out the elements the way it should, and what’s left is a dry, cranky complexion that can’t protect or repair itself.

Thanks to those free radicals that slip in, over time wrinkles and brown spots start to appear. Not only that — you’re suddenly a lot more vulnerable to skin conditions — thin, dehydrated skin (that makes you look tired and old), eczema, psoriasis and acne flare-ups.

Not a pretty picture, right? Rebuild that wall and recapture a dewy glow, with help from smart research and great products.
If your skin is easily irritated, chapped and/or chronically dry (all over or in patches) that’s a pretty good indication that your barrier has been compromised.

Exfoliate dead skin gently and regularly with our mineralized, Demerara Sugar Scrub and follow up with any of our all natural, premium body butters: African Shea, Cocoa Mango, Golden Jojoba, Hawaiian Avocado, Kalamata Olive, Matcha Green Tea or Whipped Vitamin Body Butter. Organically made in the USA, never tested on animals and always fair-trade sourced. 80% of what goes ON your skin goes IN your skin. SavvyChic’s delectable Face and Body Butters work because they’re natural…not in spite of it.

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