Avocados… Not just for Salads Anymore!


Avocados. They’re not just for salads anymore!

Friday I announced an Alopecia Formula coming soon to SavvyChic; but, before that rolls out in January, I wanted to tell you about a one-of-a-kind product for my friends who haven’t (or haven’t yet) experienced a thinning mane! Premium Avocado Strengthening Hair Butter Conditioning Mask (or Avocado Hair Butter for short), is all the rage in Tropicana (any area of the globe where heat and/or humidity) makes the daily do’ a daily “don’t.”

What Hollywood stylists and coiffeurs have known for years has finally caught the attention of mainstream beauty experts and SavvyChic is the new East Coast manufacturer of this illustrious hair product!
Our Avocado Hair Butter starts in a tiny corner of the big island of Hawaii! If you have only experienced (as have most) small, bland avocados mass produced in Central or South America, let me explain the difference a real avocado can make. Our delectable avocados are sourced from a non-GMO and pesticide-free plantation where avocados are cultivated from prime lava real estate within the Kona Coffee Belt. What does this mean for you? A full-bodied, vitamin-and mineral-enriched hair cocktail of pure caffeinated protein to stimulate blood flow and follicle cell growth (while feeding your scalp a 5-course meal of everything it needs to grow strong, thick shafts of shiny, vibrant, healthy hair)! Regardless of your hair type: ethnic, straight, wiry, curly, thin or thick…our Avocado Hair Butter is the main course at your hair’s 5-Star dinner table!
After shampooing (with a sulfate free shampoo), spread a thin layer from root to tip. Wrap hair in a towel for 10 minutes (20 for full effect) OR use as a leave-in day or night conditioner. Use once a week for thin/straight hair and daily for textured hair.

Coming December 1st to SavvyChic.

Life is Short. Be Beautiful!

Love & Tresses,

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