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Savvy Chic NYC is the brain child of fashion designer Phyllis Keitlen. When New York City was the epicenter of all things fashion, Keitlen was the ingénue who launched the original “Classic White Shirt,” “Dress Tee’s” for women and the critically acclaimed “Art Collection Jewelry” lines that easily topped the 15 million sales mark.
It was only natural that Keitlen would follow that kind of global fashion success with her own carefully crafted, naturally sourced Bath, Body and Beauty Collection. Working in Asia, the Far East, Europe and all points West, Keitlen has spent a lifetime working, not only with top designers, but celebrities, beauty icons and cosmetic manufacturers, where she learned how to source raw ingredients from some of the most remote places on the planet – places where the terms “anti-aging,” “organic” and “fair-trade sourced” still mean something true and beautiful to the growers and distillers who have helped her build her dynasty.
From rare, deeply hydrating body butters like Kalamata Olive, Hawaiian Avocado and Matcha Green Tea to anti-aging scrubs, moisturizers, cremes and serums made with Australian Hempseed, Colombian Coffee, Golden Jojoba and more, Savvy Chic NYC’s Bath, Body and Beauty Line is now your source for premium products that not only help turn back time… but help time stand still.
Savvy Chic NYC – Life’s Short. Be Beautiful.
Savvy Chic, Inc.
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