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Having traveled the globe, I have had the blessed opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. Questions I’m often asked about our Bath, Body, Beauty and Spa products is, “What is Fair Trade?” and, “Are you a Fair Trade Company?”

Fair Trade is a social response to the conventional trading system by which many farmers and workers have been deprived or disparaged. Buying Fair Trade products allows better conditions and sustainable farming for workers and farmers in developing countries. A Fair Trade product is made in an environment where the producers are guaranteed better — fairer — prices, improved working conditions and fair terms of trade so that their working and living environments are supported and protected. The standard for Fair Trade products is that they must not be produced through forced labor, child labor or in conditions that are disadvantageous to workers (as in sweat shops). Being a Fair Trade manufacturer means that you only purchasing raw goods that are socially and environmentally responsible.

Fair Trade guarantees a minimum floor price when global commodity prices fall, thus preventing farmers and workers from finding themselves in destitute conditions. The Fair Trade movement allows workers to earn more money for their creations and makes it easier for them to sell their products to consumers in developed countries.

SAVVYCHIC has always been a Fair Trade Manufacturing, Wholesale and Retail Company. We champion human rights, as well as, environmental protections. Thank you for helping us make the world a more prosperous place. Fair Trade…Never Buy Into Exploitation.

Life is Short. Play Fair!



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