Glycerin Sprays are the Next Best Thing to Hit Our Shelves


There’s a new way to wear your favorite fragrance!

In ALL NATURAL GLYCERIN! Spray any of our amazing scents onto your skin. The fragrances float above an all natural base of our soothing glycerin and Vitamin E. Glycerin is a humectant, meaning it attracts moisture into your skin. It is also an emollient which means it seals the moisture into your skin. So your favorite perfume now moistens your body while adding a soft glow unmatched even by high priced moisturizers. Who else has a perfume that quenches fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks…even targets problem zones by locking in skin nourishing Vitamins and Minerals? Cure dryness in the most alluring way possible. Not only face and body safe – face and body adored! Available in 2 and 8 oz. sprays.

My favorites are Pink Champagne, Honey Mandarin, L.O.V.E., Lemon Butter and Lavender Apple; but, that’s just 5 of our 70 fragrances! Have your significant other sign a waiver…
Totally touchable. Fragrance transformed. Moisturizing Body Spray only from SavvyChic at

Life is Short. Smell Beautiful!



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