Hemp Past the Hype


The popularity of Hemp. Hmm… let’s push through the hype! Regardless of where you stand on the marijuana debate, there’s something we can all agree on – The unmatched, undeniable anti-aging and healing traits of the part of the pot plant that isn’t, well, “pot.” Look at this impressive bullet point list of what hempseed oil can do:

Acne Buster
Brightens Skin
Tightens Skin/Pores
Tones Skin
Deep/Rapid Hydration
Full of Natural Omegas
Increases Skin Elasticity
Prevents Moisture Loss
Dry/Cracked/Chapped Skin
Stimulates Cell Production
Stretch Marks/Varicose Veins
Hair Conditioning/Mask

Hemp is not marijuana. Marijuana is Hemp’s “red-headed-stepchild cousin.” And, SavvyChic has harvested this incredible oil, offering it in some incredible bath, body and spa products: Australian Hemp Body Butter, African Shea Body Butter (with hemp), Omega-Hemp Shea Lotion, Hemp Bar Soap and more. It’s absolutely Hemptastic! SoChicNYC.com.

Life is Short! Be Beautiful!


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