Let’s Learn about Cocoa Mango Butter


African Shea Body Butter is considered, by professionals, to be Man’s (or Woman’s) Best Friend. Let me introduce you to Shea Butters’ 1st Cousin…Cocoa Mango Butter.

Simply put, it’s unbridled decadence! If you’ve never experienced the miracle that is Cocoa Mango Body Butter, I’m about to throw you into the deep end of the skin pool! The Ivory Coast of Africa is an exotic place. It is also the leading exporter of Cocoa Butter. What most people who make this butter won’t share with you, (because of the low cost of Ivory Coast Cocoa Butter), is that it grows in acidic soil. That’s a major skin “no-no.”

We buy our raw, organic (alkalized) Cocoa (Cacao) Butter from the rich, heartland soil of Southern Ghana. Our Cocoa Butter is Kosher Certified and grown as part of the Rainforest Alliance Free Trade Zone initiative.

For Mangoes, we chose the One Diamond Mango variety grown in the Mandalay Region. We chose these Gold Coast Mangoes because they are intercropped with Organic Guava and Papaya, giving them extra enzymes vital for glowing, healthy skin. The sheer amount of vitamins in our Cocoa Mango Body Butter is unmatched. Vitamins A, C, E, F and K combine with the fruit’s natural fatty acids to give skin intense elasticity and flexibility.

Smooth rough, dry skin with our beautiful duo. Our deeply hydrating, enriching butters mix with your skin’s own sebum to form a barrier of anti-aging goodness and help protect it against environmental stressors. Fight lines and wrinkles, eczema and dermatitis… strengthen skin, tone it… plump and master it… just by feeding it what it craves.

Cocoa Mango Body Butter from SavvyChic. It sounds Wildly Tropical, because it is.

Life is Short. Moisturize Beautifully.



For more info email [email protected] or message me (Coco)

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