Savvy Chic’s Gluten Free Creamy Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits


Savvy Chic’s Gluten Free Creamy Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits

Ingredients: peanut butter, gluten-free oatmeal, gluten-free all-purpose flour, rice flour, eggs, xanthan gum (a must in gluten-free baking)

We check all labels of all peanut butter jars to be certain that there is NO XYLITOL or any sweeteners in any of the peanut butter used in our treats.

Also, these peanut butter biscuits can be made with or without turmeric, which, according to pet health websites, has therapeutic values.

In addition to being made with gluten-free ingredients, Savvy Chic’s dog biscuits contain no preservatives, so be sure to STORE THEM IN THE REFRIGERATOR.

Choose from:

Standard size – 10 biscuits

Miniature size – 25 biscuits

Toy size – 50 biscuits

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Standard 10 biscuits, Miniature 25 biscuits, Toy 50 biscuits


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