Savvy Chic’s Gluten Free Delicious Oh Cheeses! Dog Biscuits


Savvy Chic’s Gluten Free Oh Cheeses! Dog Biscuits

Ingredients: cheddar cheese, cottage cheese, cream cheese, Parmesan cheese, white-rice flour, eggs, xanthan gum (a must in gluten-free baking)

In addition to being made with gluten-free ingredients, Savvy Chic’s dog biscuits contain no preservatives, so be sure to STORE THEM IN THE REFRIGERATOR.

Choose from:

Standard size – 10 biscuits

Miniature size – 25 biscuits

Toy size – 50 biscuits

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Standard 10 biscuits, Miniature 25 biscuits, Toy 50 biscuits


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