Soul Food for the Scalp


Alopecia much? Let’s talk about it. Hair loss is a very common condition and affects most people (men and women) at some time in their lives. Hair loss is defined as breakage of the hair shaft, not hair loss due to decreased hair growth. Many things can cause hair loss: anemia, protein deficiency, chemotherapy and low vitamin levels. Read that last sentence, again. Of the 4 things I just listed as causing hair loss, 3 of them are related to nutrition! That’s right, the American diet (unless you are a raw food enthusiast or have enough grocery budget for a full onslaught of organic foods) is largely to blame for losing locks from our beautiful manes. If you don’t want drugs, injections or hair plant surgery, what can you do?

Soul food for the scalp! That’s right. Coming January 2018, SavvyChic will roll out our super nutritive Alopecia Hair Oil…just the right mixture of organic oils (including essential oils), vitamins and minerals…exactly what your scalp, hair follicle (and hair ends) need to be healthy, thick, shiny, manageable (and the envy of your friends)!

Don’t believe topically applied vitamins and minerals make a difference? The Mayo Clinic research proved that 80% of what goes ON your skin goes IN your skin. (And, that doesn’t include essential oils). Essential Oil molecules are small enough to cross the blood brain barrier. What does that mean? Chow time for your skin at the molecular level. WOO HOO!
Don’t let your man keep that comb over! And, you…flaunt the follicle…in T-Minus 6 weeks and counting.

Life is Short. Be Beautiful!


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