Strength Training Your Skin


Let the strength training begin! No, I’m not talking about working out after all of the extra little calories we allow ourselves during Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas. I’m talking about strength training your skin! That’s right. Today I’m your personal facial fitness trainer. So get out your notepad. We’re about to look younger!

The Way You Wash: Commercial soaps and cleansers with chemicals KILL SKIN! Yes, even the big national brands that you pay a fortune for. These products cannot differentiate between good oils and bad…good skin cells and bad. The last thing you want to do is dissolve away the natural moisturizers (sebum) that fortify your skin.

Exfoliating dull, dead skin gets you a brighter, smoother complexion, but you can definitely overdo it.

Keep your barrier fighting strong!

You need good lipids (natural fats) to plug up the small cracks in your skin’s surface. These can be found in Organic African Shea Butter and products with Sunflower and Coconut oils. You need humectants — lightweight hydrators that attract water to the skin. Aloe Vera is a good example. You need anti-inflammatories. They are like fire extinguishers that soothe inflation on a spot to help prevent a complete skin barrier breakdown. Examples of these are Aloe and Green Tea. Antioxidants are a must to fight premature aging. If your barrier is your first (and only) line of defense against things like the sun, pollution, wind, pollen, makeup, dirt and chemicals, your skin cells start rapidly turning over in an effort to thicken your outer layer and protect it from further UV (and other) damage. It all happens so fast that you end up with a poorly formed barrier. And, if you get burned, the hot, red inflamed reaction is basically an SOS from within. Sunburned skin is losing loads of water, which is why it feels so tight. It’s also less able to fight off other stressors and exposure, as well as, free radicals (lines and wrinkles), bacteria, fungi and viruses (not to mention big, pity pores). This is why your skin (topically) needs Vitamins C, E, Green Tea and Polyphenols.

All of these beautiful ingredients are the basis of our All Natural Bath, Body and Beauty Line. Shop us today for Premium African Shea Body Butter, Matcha Green Tea Body Butter, Moroccan Aloe Body Butter and Whipped Vitamin Body Butter. 100% American Made, Fair Trade Sourced and Never Tested on Animals. Shop online, Private Message, or email [email protected]

Ditch commercial. Buy local.

Life is Short. Be Beautiful!



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