Age Spots Don’t Have to Define You


Embarrassed by Age Spots? Let us give you a Hand!

Age Spots (or Liver Spots) are the blemishes on the skin, which occur most frequently on the back, shoulder, hands, and face of the people. There are many factors that lead to age spots in people over the age of 40, but the common ones include overexposure to UV rays, increasing age, genetics and smoking.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, age spots are most often formed due to prolonged exposure to the sun. This exposure causes deposits of melanin (pigment) under the skin. Other causes of age spots include lack of exercise, unhealthy diet, consumption of stale oils and faulty liver functions. Overexposure to ultraviolet rays from tanning beds can also result in these spots, making it imperative to take extra precaution while getting yourself that tan, naturally or unnaturally.

Before you subject yourself to expensive, invasive medical treatment, dangerous over the counter, counterfeit medications/cremes /salves, chemical peels, dermabrasion, cryotherapy, laser procedures OR harsh (acidic), homemade poultices of Lemon Juice and Vinegar, Horseradish and Tomato, Garlic and Buttermilk or some other crazy concoction, consider this:

Our All Natural Green Tea and Vitamin Formula lightens naturally without all of the hydroquinone, mineral oil, bleaches and sulfates in commercial products. Green Tea is Mother Nature’s reigning Antioxidant King. Antioxidants are very important in the fight against free radicals and excess pigmentation. To that we added a veritable cocktail of powerhouse vitamins.

Topically applied Vitamin A encourages cell turnover and helps break up the melanin pigments that cluster together to form age spots. The process helps remove the damaged portions of skin cells that are darkly pigmented, encouraging new, healthy skin cells to grow in their place. Topical Vitamin C has been shown to reduce free radical damage that causes inflammation and accelerate aging, causing tissue damage such as age spots. Applying Vitamin E, after sun exposure, can help reduce the damage that leads to age spots.

Naturopathic. Goodness. Age spots? Who has time for that?

Life is Short. Age Beautifully!

Love, Coco

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