Caring for your Tattoo Before and After Ink


We feel about Hemp the way you feel about ink!

Zeke Jakob is an epic tattoo artist. As a former World Champion artist, he has the motto, “Less is NOT more.” It’s how he feels about the creativity and sheer amount of art he creates for throngs of enthusiasts who often wait up to 2 years to get a session with him. We agree with Zeke’s love for art AND his motto. It’s the reason we researched and formulated the “Picasso” of Prime Tattoo Conditioners; and, because less is not more, we added everything imaginable to keep your masterpiece crisp and clear. Our recipe brings together the emollient properties of African Shea, Cocoa and Mango Butters, but we didn’t stop there. A truly restorative formula should also help reduce inflammation, speed up healing, prime skin for new ink and protect existing lines and colors. That’s where the Hemp comes in. Australian Hemp is world-renowned for its high protein content. It’s this protein which repairs skin’s damaged cells. We’ve also incorporated botanical oils high in their natural fat content and a full range of vitamins and minerals to soothe inflamed skin.

Imagine your skin as a canvas… It’s layers a mixture of dry and oily, flaking daily to reveal new skin underneath. Our New Ink formula prepares your skin beyond the top layer. Directions: Exfoliate the area to be inked with our Demerara Sugar Scrub two weeks prior to your session. Then, condition daily with our unscented, no sting Triple Threat Tattoo Conditioning Hemp Creme. Your skin will be primed and pumped for easy glide (to receive color and definition that is more vibrant and lasts longer than without skin preparation); and, pastel colors (like white and yellow) often require fewer passes under the needle! No fragrance means NO STING; and, our conditioning butter also helps prevent tattoo bleeding while our formulation allows just the right healing coverage (allowing much needed oxygen into your skin for faster healing).

Our Tattoo Conditioner is also superb for existing art. It does NOT remove existing art and won’t clog pores with any type of petroleum (or other) buildup. Love your art? Keep it vibrant by brightening your colors and darkening your greyscale.

Not all Tattoo Conditioners/Lotions/Butters are created equal. Cruelty-free and 100% Vegan, our all-natural Tattoo Conditioner is also petroleum-, paraben-, phthalate- and gluten-free. Our conditioner is made in the U.S. from the finest, fair-trade sourced ingredients including Organic African Shea, Cocoa and Mango Butters, Organic Hempseed, Grapeseed and Coconut Oils, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin F, Vitamin K and Trace Minerals. Loved by Tattoo Artists, Movie Studios and Makeup Artists, our Tattoo Conditioner can be applied to the skin as needed (even on sensitive, acne- or eczema-prone skin).

If your body tells a story, let it have a happy ending.

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