Celebrating the Holidays in our SoChic Family


I celebrate Christmas. Our jet-setting owner, Phyllis, plays with dreidels. My best friend, Latissa, is Kwanzaa happy; and, that’s just my closest friends. If you’re reading this, I’d like to write something that genuinely touches your heart during this beautiful season. I’m not going to write about gratitude, because I’m already truly thankful for you being a part of the SoChic Family. By the way, did you know that we pray over all of our loves…family, friends, clients and vendors? We do. Daily. I’m also not going to talk about gift giving, because once the secret of Santa is out, it’s really more about get togethers. What I do want to talk about is those who are close to me who are without…spouse…children…or parents.

For those beloved souls, holidays can prove very difficult. So, I want you to know…if you are reading this you are a follower of our page. Thank you for that.. In a world full of pages vying for your attention, you’ve landed here. I want to be worthy of your continued reading.

If you will begin to interact with me, I’ll personally reach out to you. As long as I am here, there is someone listening. Phyllis is always talking about “love” and “light.” That is her gift to all who call her friend. I love that about her. As for me, I’d like to offer to be your champion…in business AND in life.

We’ll learn a lot this year about how to conquer depression, genuinely get healthy, you know, real, tangible tips of how to move past, “I should,” through, “I can,” to absolutely “I will.” And, we’ll do it all while learning to reconnect (yes, even through a Facebook page). That’s my promise to you…whether you shop with us or not.

So, a toast to the wisemen who followed Jesus, the dear ones who light Hannukah candles, and those still searching…for something to ground them. I’ll pray for you.

Love and Light from Phyllis
Peace and Goodwill from Me



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