How to avoid Text Neck


So, today, I heard a new term…

“Text Neck!”

It conjured up a mental image of my “Mema,” long before texting/web surfing was a habit-forming routine of every hour of every day; and, while I loved my Mema, she had a turkey neck – and not a small one. Immediately I located a 3-way mirror and stood, hand to throat, distressed that text neck lines (like skin cancer scares before we knew tanning was bad for you) were already on the way!

This slang term came to be because of the pain caused by constantly keeping our heads titled forward. Now, doctors are using the term to describe the horizontal WRINKLES that develop along the middle of the neck as a result of regularly looking down at phones, computers, tablets or other devices.

Doctors say that they’re seeing more patients come in with concerns about “text neck” lines. They suggested that society’s obsession with social media and selfies (in general), along with the constant downward neck craning, might be the reason it’s becoming more prevalent.

People are scrutinizing themselves more than ever and research shows that people are motivated by social media to improve their looks. We all want to look good in our pictures, and it’s driving us to harmful things like Botox and fillers at an earlier age.”

Can You Prevent “Text Neck”? Technically, yes.

The best way to prevent it would be to improve your posture so you’re not looking down as much. Try to move your head and straighten your neck out. Try not to stay in that flexed position for too long. Doctors agree you should take care of the skin on your neck just as much a you do the skin on your face. That means moisturizing and wearing sunscreen, and perhaps even applying a retinol cream.

If you feel like your neck is giving away your age (or you wonder about the chromosomal gifts coming from YOUR Mema)…look up more often AND Moisturize Pronto!

Life is Short. Be Beautiful!

Love, Coco

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