Introducing Our All Natural Cuticle Cream


How many of you love beautiful nails but hate the hour you spend at the nail salon? I know I do. Thankfully, Phyllis is about to introduce our newest glamourotti product: our All Natural, Essential Oil-infused Cuticle Care Creme. It smells heavenly…like Tahitian Limes…

You just place a dab on your nails and rub in cuticle-tip. Watch your cuticles drink in the Vitamins, Minerals and essential oil as it softens and tames those pesky, dry, chipped nails! By the time your next nail appointment comes along, you’ll save time in the chair and your manicurist will want to know your secret.

Tell her it’s a SAVVYSECRET…too sweet not to share!

Life is Short. Nail It!

Agave Lime Cuticle Creme coming soon to



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