Dog Shampoo – Lavender Apple


Dog shampoo that is 16 oz of pure dog love. Our shampoo is hypo-allergenic and will leave your pet clean and smelling great.

8 fl oz.


Dog shampoo made with all natural ingredients including soothing and calming lavender, and enriched with vitamins. This product is hypo-allergenic and will leave your pet clean and smelling great, with it’s all natural apple scent.

Many dogs experience skin allergies and sensitivities. As a result, many pet parents have a hard time finding the right bathing product for their pets. By using our lavender dog shampoo that is made with natural ingredients, you will help your pet stay clean and avoid skin irritation. Plus, see how soft your pet’s fur will feel after using this dog shampoo!

Gently clean your dog’s fur while leaving behind a soothing lavender apple scent. As a result, your dog will smell clean without irritation. This product is free of soap and parabens and pthalates, and made in the United States.

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  1. If your dog has long hair, brush your dog before taking a bath. This is especially important if  your dog has matted hair. Matted hair holds water, possibly irritating the skin.
  2. Use lukewarm water
  3. If your dog is scared, talk to it in a a calm and reassuring voice. This will help them feel more secure about what is happening. Talk to them throughout the process.
  4. Use a natural dog shampoo, like our Lavender Apple Dog Shampoo
  5. Rinse well after shampooing
  6. Let your dog air-dry its fur. The whole body shake is a natural thing for them to do after getting wet, so don’t be surprised if you get water everywhere!
  7. Reward your dog with a treat and lots of hugs and kisses.

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