Restoring Your Skin After a Loooong Winter


Will the NYC snow ever go away? I think Punxsutawney Phil must have been on a 3-day bender when he said he only saw 6 more weeks of winter. And, boy does my skin feel the need for the golden Vitamin D of summer and some serious winter dead skin shedding before I pull my bikini out of moth storage.

I absolutely love the silky feel of my body after I exfoliate with a REAL sugar scrub. If you’ve never used anything but a generic, brown (grocery store) sugarĀ scrub, you don’t know what you’re missing! I use SavvyChic’s Organic Demerara Sugar Scrub from top to bottom to gently exfoliate my pesky, scratchy layers of skin. I actually love this sugar scrub more than spa “salt” scrubs because Demerara Sugar is mineralized sugar (brown sugar is just molasses-coated white sugar). When you exfoliate with mineralized sugar you get the same mineral content of salt BUT without the STING!

Plus, the base for the sugar scrub is full of Organic African Shea Butter and Organic Hempseed Oil! And, there’s a humectant in the formula that draws in these deep moisturizers and seals them in (not to mention a serious vitamin pack that your skin will love).

I have several “faves” among the selections…but Demerara Sugar Scrub in LEMON BUTTER is my absolute “go to”! Although, I do have to tell you that the Butt Naked fragrance, Green Tea & Aloe, Almond Creme and Velvet Sugar are all tied for 2nd place. Such beautiful decisions…that maybe I don’t mind a couple of more cold days to use them all (they are gentle enough for everyday use)!

Life is Short! Exfoliate Beautifully!



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