Our Mission Statement

SoChicNYC.com, is a fashionable multi-cultural life-style e-commerce market place, featuring known and upcoming designers for the person that wants style, chichi items, a healthy and great lifestyle. The majority of products, are Made in the USA and feature designers with a new and fresh look.

Phyllis Keitlen, founder of www.SoChicNYC.com and Savvy Chic, Inc. designs a complete range of fabulous shirts and dresses with clean lines, and unique styling, art form jewelry, chic “must-haves” for women on the go. Comfortable, ageless and easy to wear sold exclusively on www.SoChicNYC.com.com

Interesting contests will pop-up periodically and our fabulous “Cous Cous Says” blog with different contributing BLOGGERS added to the mix.
Visit www.SoChicNYC.com.com and explore the wonders of ageless chic that attracts the woman whose spirit is forever young. Our use of content marketing: blogs & social media will entice the “So Chic” woman to browse and buy products from the SoChicNYC.com marketplace. Follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and the Fancy.

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