What’s your Signature Fragrance?


I love to feel beautiful. One way I do that is to put on my signature fragrance. (Well, this month’s signature fragrance.) This month that would be Rue Rocks, by Rue 21. In fact, I love it so much, I had Phyllis duplicate it for our bath and body line. We will call it Velvet Sugar.

Perfume has an exotic past dating back to the beginning of known history. The word, “perfume” is Latin and derives its meaning from the word “fumun,” or smoke. Perfumes are beloved for imitating nature’s most beautiful aromas.

The collective marketing of perfume began in the mid-1800s. Precise manmade perfumes burst onto the market (mostly made with fragrant top notes of almond) and were frequently used in the best-selling soaps of that time.

The main ingredients of today’s perfumes are oils which are extracted naturally from plants, spices and flowers. There are many methods of extraction like boiling, solvent, expression, steam distillation,and enfleurage. In the first method, steam passes through the plant and the essential oil turns into gas which is cooled and liquefied.

In solvent extraction method, flowers and plants are placed in huge rotating tanks and ether or benzene is poured over them to extract the oils. After fragrance oils or “notes” are extracted and gathered, they are skillfully intermingled according to a precise formula.

There are countless reasons why people use perfume. Whether it makes them feel beautiful, desired or self-confident, fragrances can enhance a mood and, most certainly, evoke or cause unforgettable memories.

Which fragrances do you love and why?

More on the science behind aroma and romance tomorrow…

Until then, Life is Short. Wear Fragrance!



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